Trailer Services

  • Re-bush all major suspensions: Hendrickson, Hutch, Reyco, Freuhauf, Trans Pro, Air Ride, Neway, etc.
  • Replace Broken or Weak Leaf Springs
  • Replace blown Air bags
  • Install new Axles
  • Install Hutch Suspension Kits
  • Inspect/repair air brakes
  • Install New Kingpins
  • Replace or Repair Damaged Spindle Ends
  • Replace hangers, Equalizers, & Other Parts
  • Authorized Flexiride dealer!

Tractor Services

  • Re-bush all major suspensions: Hedrickson, Mack, Neway, Chalmers, Kenworth, Peterbuilt, Freightliner, etc.
  • Repair / Replace damaged Leaf Springs
  • Replace bad air bags
  • Install new lift axle kits
  • Re-bush Lift Axles
  • Air Brake Service and Inspection
  • Press New Mack Trunnion Shaft
  • Repair / Replace Damaged Frame Rails
  • Change Wheelbase by lengthening or shortening the frame
  • Air Suspension Conversions
  • Replace or re-bush bad Hangers & Equalizers
  • Re-bush or make new custom Torque Arms
  • Create custom U-bolts on-site
  • Install new Shock Absorbers
  • Replace damaged Drive Axle Spindles

Light Duty Services

  • Remove & Replace Damaged or Weak leaf Springs
  • Install Helper Kits both Spring & Air Ride
  • Level Service for trucks
  • Build-up Leaf Springs to carry more weight
  • Install Hangers, Shackles, Shocks, etc.

Light Duty Trailer Services

  • Repair or Replace Damaged leaf springs
  • Install New Axle Kits
  • Replace Bad Hangers, U-Bolts, Equalizers etc.
  • Authorized Flexiride dealer!


  • Complete vehicle, frame & axle Alignment Services
  • Laser Front End Alignments. We adjust Camber, Caster, and Toe Set to ensure a quality ride and reduce wear on tires
  • Laser Rear and Tandem Alignments
  • We use state of the art Bee-Line Laser alignment to ensure the best possible results

Custom Leaf Springs

  • Replace old or broken parts
  • Heavy duty suspension
  • Custom work: fleet-wide or individual vehicles
  • We fabricate Leaf and Coil springs for unique and custom applications

Front End Services

  • Bee-Line Laser Alignments-cars, pickups, tractors, trailers
  • Truck Tire Spin Balancing
  • Re-bush Kingpins
  • Bore & Sleeve Steering Axles
  • Re-bush bad front spring hangers
  • Replace Coil Springs
  • Replace Leaf Springs
  • Re-bush A-Arms & Other front end parts
  • Align Lift Axles
  • Inspect Steering Box
  • Align Steering Wheel

Lift Kit Suspensions

  • Rough Country Authorized Dealer
  • Install lift kits
  • Wheel Alignment for Lifted Vehicles
  • Lifted vehicle correction: return a lifted vehicle back to its original ride height